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The craft and passion of Brandy master Kobus Gelderblom

A bit About Kobus

A bit About Kobus

Starting out as a Winemaker, Kobus has learnt his craft from grassroots level and in a career spanning almost 3 decades, has won over 200 awards from around the globe for his achievements in brandy making.

In addition, Mountain Spirit are agents for French barrels, wood alternatives, import and export bulk spirits, as well as offer specialised brandy consultation and training.

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Barrel and Bulk Spirit Sales

Mountain Spirit specialises in local and international brandy sales, as well as bulk sales on grape spirits such as wine and brandies, along with grain spirits such as finely blended whisky.

All products crafted by Mountain Spirit are also available for import or export. In addition to the products themselves, barrels and wood alternatives can also be purchased through Mountain Spirit.

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Barrel and Bulk Spirit Sales

Distillation Expertise

With over 25 years experience distilling all manner of spirits from brandy to gin, rum, cane, vodka and whisky, Kobus had the knowledge you may need to take your distilling operations to the next level. Get in touch to see how he can help with consultation

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We have worked with

The Cape Brandy Distillers Guild

Kobus is a founding trustee of the Cape Brandy Distillers Guild Trust. The trust was created to ensure focus is placed on the Cape Brandy (100% Potstill) segment of the broader South African brandy category.

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The Cape Brandy Distillers Guild

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